Ultra-High-Efficiency Toilets

Maximum Performance.
Maximum Water Savings.


Dramatically cut your water usage and lower your water bills by installing a Niagara high-efficiency, low-flow toilet in every bathroom.

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Niagara’s single flush and dual flush toilets featuring Stealth Technology are designed for a powerful, reliable and ultra-quiet performance – all while using less water. The Single Flush uses just 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF) and is the world’s first and only true ultra-high-efficiency toilet. Flawless performance in real-world residential and commercial applications prove that Niagara’s Stealth Technology works! 

Niagara’s EcoLogic™ flapperless toilets offer high-efficiency toilet selection that utilizes revolutionary tip-bucket technology, creating a high-performance flush. The patented flapperless design is maintenance-free, eliminating the need to replace flappers, chains and levers. It also means no leaks and no refill noise. The adjustable rough in, opposable handle, and large footprint makes the EcoLogic toilet a great option for any new or retrofit project.

Whether you’re buying just one low-flow toilet for your home, or specifying hundreds of low-flush toilets for a hotel or apartment complex, your search to save water and money should begin and end with Niagara.