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Stealth® UHET®
Ultra-High-Efficiency Toilet

0.65 Average Gallon Per Flush

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Dramatically cut your water usage & lower your water bills by installing a Niagara high-efficiency-toilet in every bathroom.


Stealth Toilets

The Stealth Toilet is an Ultra-High-Efficiency-Toilet (UHET) that delivers dependable one-flush performance with just 0.8 GPF.


EcoLogic Toilets

Includes EcoLogic® High-Efficiency-Toilets (HET) with a 1.28 GPF rating, as well as 1.6 GPF models.

Niagara – The Leader in Water Saving Toilets

Niagara Conservation has served as an innovator in the world of high-efficiency toilets, constantly developing cutting edge technology that makes it possible to save more water with every flush. Our ultra-high-efficiency toilets like the Stealth exceed government standards for water conservation, and our new dual flush Stealth model allows you to choose between two efficient flush levels.

Find out what makes our Stealth and EcoLogic toilets perfect for helping your business reduce water consumption and expense.